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Betalight Marker Keychain with 3 Sizes and 8 Colors Available


Product Specification:
Product name: Betalight Marker Keychain
3 Sizes Available:

Available ColorsBlue,Yellow,Green,Pink,Orange,Purple,Red and White
Waterproof:Up to 100 meters

- The item can be used as keychain or marker
- Because of the tritium gas sealed in the vial, this item will glow for 12.5 years without any charging needed
- Really durable material - titanium rope
- Not easy to loose or break - because of the titanium rope and durable plastic keychain, this can last for years
- Commonly used for outdoor or with keys because it's easy to find your keys in the dark with this gadget
- Can be attached to everything - zippers, clothes, handbags
- No need for power source - Unlike other products that need charge from sunlight

What's in the package:
1 x Betalight Marker / Keychain
1 x Key Ring to attach the item

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